7 Reasons to Choose a New Construction Home over a Resale

So you saved some money, already contacted a Realtor and you are ready to start browsing for your dream home. What should you look for? A new construction or a resale?

There are many factors to consider. Zillow did a study were tha main factor for people to choose one over the other was price. The norm was that a new construction home used to cost more than a resale, but that is not true anymore if you consider all factors.

You can't look only at price. Also consider other factors such as possibility of negociating closing costs and avoiding hidden expenses in repairs, having a home warranty and reduced costs in electricity. Buying a new home, beside of being able to enjoy an untouched and clean home it's more affordable than it seems at plein view.

Here are 7 reasos why buying a new home is more affordable than a old resale home. 

Benefits of a New Construction

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